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Thu 15th June

Born To Be Wild Thursday

We love our Thursdays here in Hoxton Square! Sip a sweet or sour cocktail on our lovely terrace or lounge on one of our chesterfields in Ziggy. Get up and dance to a track or 10 by the lovely Gem Precious. She throws a great groove!

Book that early weekend table with us in our restaurant for a munch.

5pm-1am Free
Table Bookings
Fri 16th June

OddJohn // Early Mornin’

OddJohn is an electronic artist from France. Based in London for the past 8 years, he is crafting his music inspired by the city vibe. Mainly comfortable with ambient, house and techno music, his lives are progressive and like to play around with feelings by juggling between happy house and melancholic techno. Oddly enough he’s just a normal human being.

Early Mornin spins a combination of underground house and minimalistic tech beats that sets EARLY MORNIИ’ apart from the crowd.

9pm-3am Free
Table Bookings
Sat 17th June


UKG / House and 90s Dance from the dude they call Source!

9pm-3am Free
Table Bookings
Mon 12th June

Funzing Talks: Slow Down & Be Late

Try to list out 2 news feeds you read yesterday and describe them in as much detail as you can.

Can you do it?

On a scale out of 10, 10 is very well, what score would you give yourself?

Normal people don’t really do it well based on my experience.

We remember we see something, but often we cant recall what we see.

This is a “new perspective” because everyone has been talking about, but there is no action to be done in response just yet.

A youth student once came to me asking me how was the world like before the emergence of smartphones. A good friend of mine working as a banker back then has come to me complaining the pressure behind constantly checking his Blackberry and stand-by for work.

There is JUST TOO MUCH information going all around, which sparkles incentive as well. Particularly in the context of messaging / marketing promotion we feel like we have constantly check and reply our phones.

Whether it is right or wrong to engage in this behaviour pattern in the era of acceleration may not be relevant to the discussion, but the echoes for slow down and be late is growing - for example, gym and yoga, which are designed to help one focus in exercising and mind-cleansing. Ironically, though, you’d often see people watching movies on tablets or replying messages on phones when exercising.

And even our little “secret” time - going to toilet, we also bring our phone with us, not letting ourselves enjoying the toilet break.

We need time to rest, think, and reflect on the journey. Just think of having a family dinner, putting aside anything, including your phone, your books, your computer. Being late is good, you improve relationship with your family loved-ones, your lifelong supporters.

It is good to be late - sometimes, lateness brings you coincidence and luck.

7pm-9pm £12
Advance Tickets


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