I am coming by tube, where should I get off?

Old Street (Northern Line) is the closest, but if you exit at Liverpool Street, Hoxton or Shoreditch High Street Stations, you’re also just a short walk away.

How much do you charge for entry?

Zigfrid upstairs charges sweet nothing, nada, nichts, niets, rien, niente (but just in case anything changes on a one-off basis, it’s always a good idea to check our events calendar before visiting). Underbelly has some gigs with free entry and some with door damage to support live music - check the events calendar, baby! The club events after the live music are free most of the time.

Can I book a table or an area?

You most definitely can - please see the Booking page. We charge a £50 deposit to secure your booking. This will be considered as minimum spend so we don’t get to keep it , you get to order drinks and food with it on the night. Please note that unless it’s a restaurant booking, depending on the day of the week, your area can be some seated, some standing - a mingling set-up. We would kindly like to ask you not to be late for your booking. Bigger parties and private hire have their own specially agreed arrangements & deposits.

How can I pay?

We accept cash & cards, including AmEx. Please note that the minimum on card is £5 so it’s sometimes a good idea to grab a pack of crisps to make it up to £5, or you can start a tab. Please remember to settle your tab before you leave.

Do you have a guest list?

Not really. If you book a table or an area, then we’ll put your name down with the number of guests you’re celebrating with, but you’ll all have to queue with the rest of the mortals and all the ID checks and search policies still apply in order to guarantee everyone’s safety. It’s just because more than one booking can arrive at the same time and in the end we’re all equal and here to have a good time.

Do you have a happy hour?

Yes! Check our food & drinks page  for all the up to date offers.

Why did your door guard ask me to get rid of my water bottle before entry?

We get busy on Fridays & Saturdays and although we wholeheartedly believe you had water in your bottle, we can’t make sure this is the case with everyone so it’s best if everyone leaves their own drinks behind. This is to make sure that our business is respected and to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Why was I told I can't have drinks on the terrace while there were people out there with drinks?

In London most places have to stop serving to their terraces from 11pm and we are no exception. We start preparing for this a little before 11pm so if that’s the time you arrived, you might be asked not to bring drinks outside while the guests, who were on the terrace before you arrived, get the chance to finish theirs.

Do I need to bring my ID and what else can I expect on the door?

Yes! We operate as an 18+ only venue. Please bring your ID and remind your friends to do the same. As a licensed venue we work closely with the local authorities to guarantee everyone’s safety so you can also expect our door guards to do their job when they ask to see what’s in your bag or if they can pat down and pocket search. Please don’t be offended and assist our guards - this is to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Can I bring my child?

You are welcome to visit us with children during daytime and early evenings (we also have a baby change), but any underage person must be supervised by an adult at all times. We operate as an 18+ only venue after 9pm and Underbelly gigs are generally 18+.

What's the story with disabled access?

Zigfrid upstairs is fully disabled friendly with no steps to enter and a disabled restroom. Access to Underbelly is down two flights of stairs so special arrangements would have to be made.

Where can I park?

There’s limited (and expensive) parking for visitors on Hoxton Square. You might be able to find some parking on side streets. We strongly encourage anyone visiting with the intention of consuming alcoholic drinks to use public transport or our staff will be happy to call you a licensed mini-cab. Never drink & drive.

Do you have a dress code?

No and yes. Just try to be cool, whatever that word means for you. Most importantly - act cool. Then we’re cool (but no flip-flops late on Friday & Saturday nights when our clubby vibe kicks in, we don’t want your toes to get hurt on the dance floor).

Will you host my hen or stag party?

Whereas we are utterly thrilled that you would like to celebrate with us, we are unfortunately unable to host hen & stag parties if they involve costumes and/or rowdy shenanigans. If it’s just regular drinks or something completely extravagant that involves hiring Underbelly for your private party for example, then of course, please get in touch.

I have lost something, can you help?

If you’ve left something behind, send us a message from this very page with the make/model/size/shape/colour/brand description and we’ll do our best looking for it. Remember, it is an offence to report something stolen just to get a reference number for the insurance.


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