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Fri 8th April

Universal Vibes

Universal Vibes as a label puts out deep house, broken beat, nu jazz, hip hop, jazz, funk and soul. Live mixed cuts and re edits is what they do live at Zigfrid for the ultimate kick start to your weekend!

Feels like Ibiza, looks like Studio 54 and sounds awesome.

Table bookings recommended. Book now by calling us on 0207 613 1988.

8pm-3am Free
Email us to book a table
Fri 8th April

The Female Agenda

The time has come to empower and celebrate women in the Industry from Artists to Bloggers to Fashionistas and DJs.

Underbelly is happy to present Female Agenda! With a huge range of female Artists including:

Iris Gold, supported from the likes of Zane Lowe and Mistajam from Radio1. Colourful Pop and bright Hip Hop, Iris does the fantastic job of portraying fun in a cool and savvy way. This headliner is super exciting!

Sarah Leo, the beautiful and the bold! Her captivating voice won’t let you go as well as charisma and enchanting stage presence. The perfect opening to this great night.

Rosie Southern accompanied by guitarist Pete Atkinson, this dynamic duo take you back in time. The perfect Soul tone to Rosie’s vocals is the time travel we’ve all been waiting for. Get lost in this magical performance. Truly representing women through class and grace.

Ms Jenner, hailing from East London this beauty can sing AND rap! Her catchy verses and incredible vocals are sure to grab your attention and prove that men aren’t the only rappers around here.

Not only are we showcasing fantastic Female Artists we have special guest speaker DJ Gem Precious!! DJing from the likes of Reading Festival & Propaganda, this chick is the definition of Girl Power!

Special Guest speaker Tahmina from XXY magazine is showing it’s not all about being in the spotlight. With XXY magazine being the go-to insider for fashion, music and news.


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