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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Thu 25th August

Born to be wild thursdays

Let’s face it – Thursdays are always more fun than Fridays cuz it’s a school/work night and it’s more fun when you shouldn’t really be having a wild time.

So our weekly Thursdays were born to be wild with cocktails a flowing and the Born To Be Wild DJs spinning all the party beats your face can handle! DJ Flexology flexes dem dancey beats for you.

Book a table, grab a freshly made mojito and get wild – because we shouldn’t be really. #not

5pm-1am Free
Table bookings
Fri 26th August


DJ Producers MaxiFeelya, SimplyFRED, Electra Nyx and Avi Chowdhury rip it up with a truck load of Deep / Tech / Prog House!

9pm-3am Free
Table bookings
Sat 27th August

Source - UKG ’til 4AM

UK Garage and 90s underground dance shiz straight from the guy called SOURCE!

9pm-4am Free
Table bookings
Mon 28th March

Chuckle Duster Comedy

Named after a chocolate bar, March is normally a dull month. This year however, make it better by coming along to our brand new sparkling Chuckle Duster show. We’re doing something very special for this month, and sourcing the very best Dusters we can find (cast announcement soon). Brand new games, and something unique and crazy (and hopefully entertaining) for our middle act. Come along, you owe it to your funny bones. Bring your nan. Failing that, your friends; they’ll be glad you did.


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7pm £7


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