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Sat 3rd November

After After :: Deep grooves

Icelandic DJ Sandra Ósk is bringing her deep tunes to Zigfrid along side fellow DJ sister and producer Moonrise Call (Belgium). Expect a mix of groovy house, deep house, tech house, electronica and nu disco. Come join us for a dance!

After After is a new underground house music podcast created by Sandra Ósk. Inspired by the beauty of her country’s landscape and the mysteries found in it, its purpose is to take the listener on a trip of deeps and highs.

9pm-3am FREE
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Sat 10th November

Hot House

Deep to Disco to Tech and then some.

Katy Torres

Jelena Kalinina

Elixir Sound

Robby T



9pm-3am FREE
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Fri 16th November

Minimalism: boyskraut // elia cordaro // olmo

A deep tech house Odyssey.


elia cordaro


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9pm-3am FREE
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Wed 21st November

NERVES // Lover and The Quarrel // The Primals // Romeu // Will Whisson

- Four piece rock/ punk outfit from South London. Forming at the bac
k end of 2017 and taking inspiration from bands like Rage Against the Machine, IDLES, Drenge and Nirvana their music is packed with eerie tones and powerful rhythm. Expect a live set full of energy and adrenaline. Their debut EP ‘Put A Plaster On It’ is due for release across all major platforms on 12th October.

Lover and The Quarrel

The Primals


Will Whisson

7:30pm-11pm £5 advance £7 otd
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