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Fri 24th August

Temple Lake // We Are Parkas // Crown Commons

Live Circuit Presents:

Temple Lake  -  fusing the riff-heavy stadium rock of the 70s with the grit and anger of the 90s grunge scene.
Heavily influenced by rock legends such as: The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam, the band also dwells in the psychedelic finishing the mix with a solid dose of 2018.

We Are Parkas  - in blunt terms, We Are Parkas are the passion that is missing from modern day indie music.
They take inspiration from the greats: the Arctic Monkeys, The Jam, The Strokes, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and others of a similar vein. With towering riffs, soaring melodies, and palpable charisma, their live show is a refreshing injection of pure solid energy. It must be seen to be believed.

Crown Commons - presenting their new single “Tell It to Me” out on August 15th on all platforms.

FREAKOUTS  - it’s that “fuck you” kind of punk.
“With a rough FIDLAR-esque sound, FREAKOUTS are an angry, vibrantly impassioned punk band with an insatiable sense of outlandish chaos rippled through their music. Aggressively riotous and disordered, the heavy pounding riffs set a solid gritty foundation for the band’s sound.” - Indie Underground

Opening act TBA.

7:30pm-11pm / £5 adv; £7 otd
Advance tickets


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