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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Thu 15th June

Born To Be Wild Thursday

We love our Thursdays here in Hoxton Square! Sip a sweet or sour cocktail on our lovely terrace or lounge on one of our chesterfields in Ziggy. Get up and dance to a track or 10 by the lovely Gem Precious. She throws a great groove!

Book that early weekend table with us in our restaurant for a munch.

5pm-1am Free
Table Bookings
Fri 16th June

OddJohn // Early Mornin’

OddJohn is an electronic artist from France. Based in London for the past 8 years, he is crafting his music inspired by the city vibe. Mainly comfortable with ambient, house and techno music, his lives are progressive and like to play around with feelings by juggling between happy house and melancholic techno. Oddly enough he’s just a normal human being.

Early Mornin spins a combination of underground house and minimalistic tech beats that sets EARLY MORNIИ’ apart from the crowd.

9pm-3am Free
Table Bookings
Sat 17th June


UKG / House and 90s Dance from the dude they call Source!

9pm-3am Free
Table Bookings
Wed 7th June

Detox From Grey

Electro Indie Poppers Detox From Grey plus support!

Detox from Grey Electro Pop / Indie

Youdit - haunting, layered vocals, the mysterious with spacious instrumentation.

Lydia Baylis - Brit Electro Pop.

Youel - danceable tunes with an indie sensitivity.

HINDÜ - dreamy, pure, crystalline vocals with melancholy lyrics on modern & minimal electronic music arrangements.

7:30pm £8 entry £6 advance
Advance Tickets


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