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Sat 7th May

French Fried

House and Electro tracks with a French twist! That means loadsa champagne poppin’ going on with a zhuh nuh say kwah attitude. Sweet times ahead…

8pm-3am Free
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Sat 7th May

James E. Gray EP launch - Wormholes

In ‘Wormholes’, James E. Gray has created a bold sci-fi epic. A concept piece inspired not only by a lifelong fascination with space and science, but also after a mind-altering viewing of Christopher Nolan’s 2014 classic, ‘Interstellar’.

The lead single, ‘Modular Robotics’, tells a twisted tale of an artificially intelligent robot named ‘Mod’ that has been banished to Mars after humanity became fearful of it’s potential knowledge and power. Perhaps an ominous prediction of humanity’s predicaments to come.

James will be launching his ‘Wormholes’ universe with a live show in London at Underbelly on the night of 7th May 2016.

7:30pm-11pm £5
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