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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Thu 23rd May

Born To Be Wild Thursdays

Let’s face it – Thursdays are always more fun than a Fridays cuz it’s a school/work night and it’s more fun when you shouldn’t really be having such a fun time.

So our weekly Thursdays were born to be wild with cocktails a flowing and the Born To Be Wild DJs are spinning all the party beats your face can handle!

indie / anthems / dance vibes

Book a table: or call 0207 613 1988.

5pm-1am free entry
Table bookings
Fri 24th May

Multiplayer Disco

Indie / Anthems / Commercial House & more!

Dance yo ass off until 3am with us! Resident DJs drop the big tracks at Ziggy from 9pm until 3am for all your dancing requirements.

Book a table! E mail us for that party package at:

9pm-3am Free entry
Table bookings
Fri 7th June

Girls In Charge

Deep house disco Queens of the DJ decks are coming to take charge!

Alla – Ibiza summer fire starter with sweet deep house to techno awesomeness.

Jelena K – Disco house Queen Bee.

Soosee Cue – Hot off the decks from Snowbombing Fest bringing the cool beats to Hoxton.

Book a table:

9pm-3am Free
Table & Party Bookings
Sat 13th April

Clash Parties present: Good Vibes Only!

Hello Clashers 😎 GiGis Hoxton and Clash Music are proud to present a new weekly party!

It’s with great pleasure we’re inviting you to an event that matches your expectations of what good dance music is about.
Some of London’s most consistent party organizers and DJs have teamed up to present and invite you to a fresh basement experience…

Far away from the conventional and the expected lies a desire within us all to bring back the real essence of beat rich music !
We believe that there’s hope in creating a purely good atmosphere for all those that simply don’t want to go home, for those not keen on finishing the party at 2300 on a Saturday night.

We’re focused on creating the warmest, friendliest atmosphere at our new Saturday night home and we’ll be making sure everyone allowed in is selected, chosen and wanted in this gathering…


See you at CLASH!

11pm-3am FREE ENTRY

Book a table: / 0207 613 1988

11pm-3am FREE
18+ ID photo ID essential!
Clash Music Mix
Table & Party Bookings
Sat 13th April

Club Wino EP Launch

The lovely Neil Gowans and The Winos are launching their new EP on Saturday 13th April.

They’ve very kindly asked us to come and celebrate the occasion with them and we’d like to extend that invitation out to all you lovely people too.

Should be a great night.

£7 entry
Doors at 7:30pm

And if past experience is anything to go by, a DJ takes over at 11pm so you can carry on dancing late into the night.

7:30pm-11pm £7 on the door
Club Wino


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