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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Thu 25th April

Born To Be Wild Thursdays

Let’s face it – Thursdays are always more fun than a Fridays cuz it’s a school/work night and it’s more fun when you shouldn’t really be having a wild time.

So our weekly Thursdays were born to be wild with cocktails a flowing and the Born To Be Wild DJs are spinning all the party beats your face can handle!

indie / anthems / dance vibes

Book a table: or call 0207 613 1988.

5pm-1am free entry
Table bookings
Fri 26th April

Multiplayer Disco

Indie / Anthems / Commercial House & more!

Dance yo ass off until 3am with us! Resident DJs drop the big tracks at Ziggy from 9pm until 3am for all your dancing requirements.

Book a table! E mail us for that party package at:

9pm-3am Free entry
Table bookings
Sat 27th April

Tropical Neon Saturday

pop / dance / commercial house / indie disco and more – all spun with tropical love by our resident DJ producers. We make it happen on a Saturday night in Hoxton Square with tingly beats and fantastic loops to go with your bubbly stuff!

Email us & book a table – and make your Friday go yay!

9pm-3am free entry
Table & Party Bookings
Tue 12th February

Bill Dury Presents: Kiki and the Tiger / Runaway Strangers + Support

If you groove to the beat, enjoy quality, or just need that sweet release of music, I got a gig for you. Hosted by the chap writing this, (Bill Dury) and I do this crazy thing where I actually pay the bands fairly and take great joy in performing as myself for the evening.


7:45-8:15 Becca G

8:25-9:00 THÉA

9:15-9:55 KikiandtheTiger

10:10-11:00 Runaway Strangers

Bill Dury and The Collaborators = ???

KikiandtheTiger fronted by a gent who quite literally recognised me on the tube, as he met a drummer who told him about me, and led to one of the best gigs i’ve ever put on.

Runaway Strangers took to the dublin castle stage for a featured set, blew me away with their powerful alternating vocals and ethereal quality, coming from a band that is just been together for a year.

THÉA comes to the stage with dazzling eyes, a soft smile and a band that fills the room with that life fulfilling sound, music done properly.

Becca G Straight outta Hong Kong, a born singer with originals so good you think they were covers, and covers sung so well you think they were hers.

Bill Dury and The Collaborators Shall be making surprise performances during the evening! Featuring new collaborators and who knows what else.
A band assembled for the evening, to represent the evening.

7:30pm-11pm £5


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