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Fri 24th August

Definition :: Summer Lover(s)

Definition are the new sound of HOUSE and we’re excited for them returning for another rounfd of sweet vibes all night long! For more than a decade, Zigfrid has been an independent and locally owned art house that can be enjoyed for cosy lounging or a big night out.

Bringing the sounds:


Loo Kye


★ Table bookings:

★ Outdoor Space overlooking Hoxton Square

★ Free Entry All Night

Expect quality sound to be coming out of the booth throughout the night, this soiree will feature acts who will each bring their signature beats to enrich your space audio pleasure.

Definition : Love. Life. Music

9pm-3am Free House music
Table & Party Bookings
Fri 24th August

Temple Lake // We Are Parkas // Crown Commons

Live Circuit Presents:

Temple Lake  –  Fuses “the riff-heavy stadium rock of the 70s with the grit and anger of the 90s grunge scene.
Being heavily influenced by rock legends such as: #TheDoors, #LedZeppelin and #PearlJam the band also dwells in the psychedelic finishing the mix with a solid dose of 2018.

We Are Parkas  In blunt terms, are the passion that is missing from modern day indie music.
They take inspiration from the greats. Namely the #ArcticMonkeys, #TheJam, #TheStrokes, #RedHotChilli Peppers and others of a similar vein. With towering riffs, soaring melodies, and palpable charisma their live show is a refreshing injection of pure solid energy. It must be seen to be believed.

Crown Commons – Presenting their new single “Tell It to Me” out on August 15th on all platforms.

FREAKOUTS  – It’s that “fuck you” kind of punk.
“With a rough FIDLAR-esque sound, FREAKOUTS are an angry, vibrantly impassioned punk band with an insatiable sense of outlandish chaos rippled through their music. Aggressively riotous and disordered, the heavy pounding riffs set a solid gritty foundation for the band’s sound.” – Indie Underground

Opening act TBA.

£5 Advance tickets via TicketSource
£7 OTD

7:30pm-11pm £5 advance £7 otd
Advance Tickets


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