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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Thu 19th July

Born To Be Wild Thursdays

Get wild with us every Thursday at Ziggy! Cocktails are shaken and DJ Gem Precious makes you shimmy.

We have yummy home-style cooking and a very happy hour from 4pm-7pm!

Book a table for those after work meet-ups, after sports events or that Tinder date you wanna hang out with again.

5pm-1am / free entry
Table bookings
Fri 20th July

The Mad Movement Takeover

Honey-sweet cuts of disco / funk / UK house & garage.


Jerome The Madu


Jnr Christian

Arianna Aan

9pm-3am / free entry
Table & party bookings
Sat 21st July

Osi & Wag + Special Guests

Good vibes, good people and good music is what the dynamic DJ duo Osi & Wag bring!

The guys will be spinning enticing underground house / techno music with a sweet blend of groovy minimal tech Balearic disco sounding stuff.

They will pick some of their favourite DJs on the circuit to come and play alongside them – TBA.

9pm-3am / free entry
Osi & Wag Soundcloud
Table & party bookings
Sat 4th August


A special one-off tribute to the grunge scene hosted by die-hard grunge fan Karl Widgerane (aka a Mere Grain of Sand). Will have various talents playing both original music and covers of classics from that era. Includes 4 main acts and some crossover collaborations in between.

A MERE GRAIN OF SANDThe host of the night playing original songs deeply influenced by the dark and emotional side of grunge. Will also be playing covers with other performers later in the night.

GLENN & MIKEA pair of Harrow-based performers playing original songs showing the lighter side of grunge and alt rock. Will also throw some covers in between. They are not regularly active with their music nowadays but will be stepping to the stage just for this occasion to refresh the amazing skills they have grown up possessing.

A young talent travelling over from Hungary though he’s previously lived in London. A voice that’s very characteristic of Chris Cornell influences and you can expect some red-hot covers from this guy. It’s a real privilege to have had him agree to play here as the London scene has missed him sincerely.

PAUL HOOKERAnother great Harrow musician who is the frontman of Razor Fly doing all-original songs. He is highly known in his neck of the woods for his dark, droning Drop D riffs that keep grunge alive and breathing.

7:30pm-11pm FREE


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