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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Fri 26th October

Till Death Do Us Disco

Halloween disco dopeness with the ghouliest DJs all ready for some hair curdling fun and frolics at your favourite Hallween hang out Zigfrid von Underbelly!

Gory but delicious cocktails on our tombstone of a menu and deadly disco fills the air…

Book that table like it’s the zombie apocalypse…

9pm-3am Free entry for sexy ass monsters only
Graveyard Reservations for the dopely dead
Sat 27th October

80s Halloween Horror with Halfcut DJs

Zigfright von Hauntbelly is going all-out 80s this Halloween Saturday with Halfcut DJs fronted by Simon Middleton playing all the 80s anthems, hits & misses for you to get physical with.

We’ll make sure there’s plenty of cobwebbed spooky action & special Halloween cocktails, all you have to do is pick your favourite 80s character – anything goes as long as there’s big hair and lots of flair with a good measure of horror thrown in – and pump up the jam, you super freak!

9pm - 3am / free entry
Email to book a table
Sat 3rd November

After After :: Deep grooves

Icelandic DJ Sandra Ósk is bringing her deep tunes to Zigfrid along side fellow DJ sister and producer Moonrise Call (Belgium). Expect a mix of groovy house, deep house, tech house, electronica and nu disco. Come join us for a dance!

After After is a new underground house music podcast created by Sandra Ósk. Inspired by the beauty of her country’s landscape and the mysteries found in it, its purpose is to take the listener on a trip of deeps and highs.

9pm-3am FREE
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Table & Party Bookings
Fri 1st June

Tóni Murányi plus guests

Tóni Murányi is bringing a unique and eclectic music heavily influenced by eastern-European musical elements. His open-minded approach and creative songwriting skills allow him to thrillingly capture the Balkan melodies ranged from folk-touched moments to passages of rock-driven exultation.

His band helps to create the musical platform for Toni’s intriguing guitar playing and signature guitar sound. Heavy balkan grooves with delicate guitar solos, Tóni’s performance is a delightful concert experience for those who are having a keen ear for instrumental music.

The band: Tóni Murányi, Jim McAllister, János Murányi

Plus guests:

CLOGGED COG -3 piece and from South London, synths and beats!

Night Ride – Electro awesomeness.

Liane – Singer songwriter from Portugal. Inspired by the influences of Queen, Muse, Steven Wilson and more. Aside from the obvious connection to rock music, the Portuguese artist also draws knowledge and inspiration from other genres: jazz, pop, blues and country.

7pm-11pm FREE


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