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Fri 25th May

Sticky Plastik:: Francesca Mackay and Marcelina Wick

Francesca Mackay and Marcelina Wick, partners in artistic crimes of music and visuals.

Representing sticky artwork and plastik music:

Minimal / house / deep house / tech-house



9pm-3am / free entry
Sticky Plastik
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Fri 25th May

HANA PIRANHA + Lilith and the Knight // Jason Achilles // Salvation Jayne

Hana Piranha
Hana Piranha are an alternative rock band from London fronted by violinist Hana Maria. With “a voice that Juliette Lewis would kill for” and a violin that “shreds and grinds like a one-woman Queensrÿche”, the band come with “an air of manevolence, menace and danger”, leaving nothing sacrosanct as the audience is taken on a voyeuristic trip of pleasure, anguish and shame.
“The musical grit and nastiness provided by the full-throated guitars is just a backdrop for the startlingly dark lyrics.” – For Us Not Them

Lilith and The Knight
In the ever-evolving landscape of music, Lilith and the Knight are one of the most visually captivating bands on the metal scene. Backed by a technically superb trio blazing a trail through the landscape, Lilith’s soaring vocals and undeniable pop hooks come with a single minded purpose: to push metal into the next generation of its evolution.
Heavy Metal Time Machine: “NOTHING can stand in the way of this group’s ultimate success!!”

Jason Achilles Mezilis
Rock instrumental duo on tour from Los Angeles featuring Forrest Mitchell on drums and impressive live looping from guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Jason Achilles. An epic showcase of musicianship.

Salvation Jayne
Salvation Jayne are a young, female driven alt-rock band with a distinctive dirty sound which combines elements of rock, nu wave and blues. The band formed in 2013 and have worked hard paying their dues and earning the respect of music fans across the UK, due to their charisma and energetic live performances.
“Salvation Jayne are turning quite a few heads at the moment” – Planet Rock Radio

7:30pm-11pm / £7+ adv
Advance tickets


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