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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Fri 18th January

Multiplayer Disco

Spacey electro and dancey techno by Multiplayer Disco. They make it happen on a summery night in Hoxton Square with tingly beats and fantastic loops to go with your bubbly stuff.

Email us & book a table – and make your Friday go yay!

9pm-3am free entry
Table & Party Bookings
Sat 19th January

DJ Louis :: Indie :: Disco :: Dance

DJ Louis busts out all the big fun tracks for your Ziggy Saturday night!

Get down to the sound from 8pm and book that table or call 0207 613 1988.

Best of al; it’s free entry all night!

8pm-3am Free Entry
Table & Party Bookings
Sun 20th January

Retro Spirit Vinyl-Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Sunday

Retro Spirit rocks the joint with VINYL ONLY every 3rd Sunday of the month!

No CDs and definitely no stupid USB sticks! This is the real thing on wax.

All day happy hour & solid home-cooked food – Sunday brunch served ’til 4pm – to match it all.

Listen to the waxy guitars from the 40s to the 50s spun on plastic by DJ Retro Spirit aka Big Beat Luke.

WARNING! Mellow start, ending frantic!

Free motorbike parking on Hoxton Square. Quiffs optional – yet preferred.


3pm - 9pm free entry
Table & Party Bookings
Fri 18th May

Kalopsia // WHYFI. //Jeanne // Devils Carnaval

Gig night of fuzzy rock guitars with an alt-rock line-up of underground acts, all from The Netherlands:

Kalopsia – these guys stand for seeing things as more beautiful than they really are. They stand out through contradictory lyrics and weaving complexity into their music. A mix of blues, R&B and lounge music.

Whyfi. Alt rockers.

Jeanne – Poppy hooks, rocky vibes and emotional lyrics that when fused together make for a great crossover between pretty-rock and pretty pop.

Devils Carnaval – Rock swagger with songs of Chaos and soaring guitars.

Come & discover young Dutch rock talent!

DJ James Black for the after party until 3am!

6pm-11pm free entry


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