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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Thu 27th September

Born To Be Wild Thursday

Let’s face it – Thursdays are always more fun than a Fridays as it’s a school/work night and it’s more fun when you shouldn’t really be having a wild time.

So our weekly Thursdays were born to be wild with cocktails a flowing and the Born To Be Wild DJs are spinning all the party beats your face can handle!

Grab a freshly made mojito, book a table and let’s get wild – because we shouldn’t be really!

Super star DJ Gem Precious of Propaganda club awesomeness spins to your dancing delight.

5pm-1am free entry
Gem Precious
Table Bookings
Fri 28th September

Groove House

If you love groovy house tunes, you’ll find exactly that and more at Zigfrid Von Underbelly with Captum Records and their fine choice cuts of grooves…

Captum Records:

Tom Parker
Scott Cooper
Sandro Saverio Farrugia
Lektrix b2b Alec Soren

9pm-3am FREE
Table & Party Bookings
Sat 29th September

DEFINITION Los Magicos Afterparty

Feel good house on a feel good Saturday at the feel good House of ZIGGY!

★ Kozber – MontanaCruz – Marie Malarie
★ Indoor/Outdoor setting complete with heating and cover.
★ Free Entry All Night

Expect quality sound to be coming out of the booth throughout the night, this soiree will feature acts who will each bring their signature beats to enrich your space audio pleasure.

9pm-3am FREE
Table & Party Bookings
Mon 20th November

I Luv Live


Mani’s Love Letter with the title of Birmingham’s 7th Young Poet Laureate and over a decade of writing music under his belt, Mani shines differently to all his peers. With a variety of genre bending and sonically outstanding music, being a member of Young Identity, having a modelling venture with J’adore Manchester, as well as crafted poetry and immaculate style, he brings some very new elements to the table.

Madi Saskia is a young person with an old soul. Through her music she influences those around her through her imaginative material. She is one woman who pioneers modern soul, taking her music to venues around the UK and blowing her audiences away with her power-house vocals. Madi’s unique, influence style can be described as socially conscious with an R’n’B twang. She is a critical thinker who uses real life experiences to enhance her creativity, with owning a genuine love for music and spoken word.

Cuban and Jamaican writer who was raised in Florida for some time with he’s grandparents before returning to the UK where he was raised by he’s farther. He fell in love with music at a young age and enjoyed dancing around the house. Before he knew it, he was writing from the age 13. Realizing he wanted to do this for a living. Music helped him to find himself, spending a lot of he’s childhood and life by himself, it helped to teach him to express himself and go from the writer to OB the author.

South East London’s GEORGIE KELLER, 20, is currently working with various producers across Europe developing his sound. GK has had a very good year so far and is now ready to hit the road with shows across the UK with his band.

Marco Hardy is an Italian singer/songwriter born in Pesaro on the 30th of October 1998. He starts to play guitar at 4, thanks to his dad that shares Marcos love for music. Marco has been influenced by artists like Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Paolo Nutini, Norah Jones, Damien Rice, Bob Dylan and James Bay to name some. Artists that lead him to writing his own songs when he’s 14. On the 7th of August 2017 Marco released his debut EP, “Glances”. That same month, after his successful audition at the “Access To Music” college, Marco moves to London to kick start his artist career.

7:30pm-11pm Advance £3.75 or £6 on the door
Book a table


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