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Wed 15th November

Temple Lake // Terrianne // Rahul Advani // Freya Alley // Akira Kai

Temple Lake – Riff heavy stadium rockers with the big tunes.

Terrianne – Pop, soul RnB singer songwriter.

Rahul Advani – Influenced by a classic style of songwriting that harks back to the piano-driven music of Billy Joel and Elton John, Rahul blends heartfelt lyrics and catchy hooks with rock, pop and soul sensibilities.

Freya Alley – Atmospheric, cinematic and poetic Freya Alley takes a lot of inspiration from nature, which also shapes her distinctive, fantasy-like image

Akira Kai – Kiwi Singer songwriter with tones of David Gray, Crowded House and Mumford & Sons.

7:30pm-11pm £6 advance £8 on the door.
Advance TIckets


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