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Thu 13th April

Born To Be Wild Thursdays Extended Edition ’til 4AM

Oh yeah it’s the start of the long weekend so we gonna go all the way until 4am!

We Have SPLASH with Zana Small on the decks in Ziggy! She will be spinning some sweet tech house tunes for you to shake yourself into the big holiday weekend. Book a table and make your night go booms!

Underbelly has DJ Olmo with a mash up party mix to go all the way until your eggs get hard boiled.

5pm-4am Free
Table Bookings
Thu 13th April

LDN Talks @ Night | Escaping My Life Of Crime

This Funzing Experience:
Product of a Postcode
Gary Hutton talks of being the Product of a Postcode, and a product of his environment.

Through years of perfecting the skill of making ‘easy money’ and through acquiring an addiction to money along the way, Gary explains how he found fame but not fortune by ending up on the front page of the News of the World for his part in a £5 million counterfeit money scam and consequently sentenced to 7 and a half years in prison. During that time spent 18 months on the run.

The glamour of making ‘big’ money through criminal activity promptly fades as Gary graphically describes the fear, indignity and risks to personal safety and keeping other inmates safe from him that is associated with imprisonment. Gary became very problematic whilst being locked up and ended up in a padded cell with a straight jacket whilst being pumped with drugs to control him both physically and mentally. That day changed his life forever.

Gary was eventually sent to a mental institution to serve out the rest of the sentence. He goes on to explain that even though the majority of young people these days who have been raised in the East End and other such areas class themselves as ‘streetwise’, through in-depth descriptions and graphic storytelling, they would quickly realise being ‘street wise’ won’t help you survive the prison system; Gary proves that he is a survivor.

When Gary delivers his own story on a life without education, he delivers it with a whole bag of emotions of which at least one will touch you, be it sadness, anger, disgust, surprise or amusement. Not many could say they have lived such a life packed into 48 years but through all this, he has gone on to become an Author and the Founder of his own Award Winning Charity – Product of a Postcode.

The story of Gary’s life is fast paced and a remarkable insight into a world that thankfully most of us have never and will never see. A world that is around the corner from where we all live but hidden from view. We are quick to criticise young people who live a life of violence and crime, but we don’t know what may have been the catalyst that lead them to that point but he will enlighten you in all aspects of a life he truly perceived to be the norm.

Doors will Open at 7pm, The talk will begin promptly at 7.30pm.

7pm 18+
£10 Advance Booking


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