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Sorry, no Zigrid events on this day. Here's a list of upcoming events instead.
Thu 30th March

Born To Be Wild Thursdays

We got the beer, the beats, the burgers and the bourbon! Every damn Thursday it’s like a Friday in here. So book a table and bunk off work?

Happy hour: 4pm – 7pm

4pm-1am / free entry
Book a table
Fri 31st March

We Play House

Yeah we do and the sweetest stuff only! Get some house – from deep to disco – with some French touch by Myke Joly.

9pm-3am / free entry
Table bookings
Sat 1st April

Uncoded Sessions

Alfredo Ramos (uncoded)
Lenka (we play the music we love)
Donna Love (Summer-ized sessions / Dysfunctional)
THE GROOVE (uncoded/dream on/ Definition)
SILVER (tech-united / Dsd sessions)
PHILLY G (minimal mansions)
BINAURAL (minimal mansions)
Monthly Uncoded Sessions

It’s been fantastic after the last 2 amazing gigs! UNCODED are back again for another session before they announce our Ibiza Opening Party!

Uncoded line ups keep attracting talented and great people and we are aiming to keep on the same level.

We are celebrating THE GROOVE birthday, this for sure will be interesting. Uncoded are not uncoded if we don’t have female power on the decks, and oh my, two amazing talented people are joining us on this evening, Donna Love, a very northern familiar face from Dysfunctional and Summer-ised sessions. Plus Lenka,with her brilliant select cuts of music.

As always its free entry, but don’t be fooled as the last 2 editions were very busy.

Remember we got the amazing lounge and restaurant, food is great, so with great music all combines to a perfect evening.

See you on the Ziggy dance floor!

7pm-3am Free
Book a table
Tue 21st March

LDN Talks @ Night | Terrorism in Europe

This Funzing Experience:
Jonathan Sacerdoti has reported from the scenes of major terror attacks in Tel Aviv, Brussels and Paris during the last 12 months alone, and seen how different societies react to horrific mass casualty attacks.

While stabbings, shootings and even suicide bombings are sadly commonplace in the Middle East, similar attacks are now happening closer to home in Europe with alarming frequency. So what lessons can we learn from other countries on how to deal with this threat? How can we stop attacks from happening? How should we react when they do? And how should we mourn those who are killed? Can we stop terrorism from ruining our freedom, confidence and way of life?

This talk will explore the reactions of different countries to attacks aimed at their civilian populations, and ask what works best in the battle against terrorism. Jonathan will explore the impact this has on society and public opinion, and examine whether the increased threat is creating an environment which fosters division and hatred in society.

7pm talks start at 7:30pm sharp! £10 advance
Advance tickets


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